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What is Oakland News Now – About Oakland News Now By Zennie62Media

Oakland News Now is the latest in a series of Oakland-focused blogs by Zennie Abraham, CEO of Zennie62Media, Inc.

Publisher’s Name: Zennie62Media, Inc.
Email address: zennie @ zennie62media – for Zenophon Abraham, CEO of Zennie62Media and Oakland News Now
Phone number: 510-517-7565

In 2004, Zennie Abraham, just a few years away from his post as economic advisor to two mayors of Oakland, Elihu Harris and Jerry Brown, and forming and leading the candidacy effort to bring the 2005 NFL Super Bowl to Oakland (Jacksonville won), started Oakland’s first blog, Oakland Focus.

Zennie Abraham from Zennie62media

Since then, Zennie’s launched Oakland’s first YouTube partner channel, Zennie62 in 2006, then Zennie62Media, a network of its Blogger.com and WordPress blogs and social media platforms with Zennie62.com and three other Oakland-related blogs. , like the first and still the only Oakland in Oakland. -Specific news aggregator, Oakland News Online and Oakland’s only active daily news blog, Oakland News Now

What is Oakland News now?

Oakland News Now is the flagship blog of Zennie62Media, Inc.

Elihu Harris, Former Oakland Mayor on Oakland Election, Raiders Trial Update
Elihu Harris, Former Oakland Mayor on Oakland Election, Raiders Trial Update

Zennie62Media, Inc. is a Delaware C-Corporation start-up, and based on Zennie Abraham’s pioneering efforts in the Oakland, Calif., Blogosphere, vlogging, and social media industry: first blog, first partner channel YouTube, and in Oakland News Online, Oakland’s premier and only Designated Blog Aggregator. But Oakland News Now is different, and Zennie62Media’s new flagship blog alongside Zennie62.com and Oakland News Online.

Lou Ferrigno at the 2016 Oscars Night Of 100 Stars
Lou Ferrigno at the 2016 Oscars Night Of 100 Stars

The goal of Oakland News Now is to be what Oakland has been missing for some time: a state-of-the-art news blog website, based on ‘third wave’ media: the production of content using smartphones.

With our “Third Wave” approach, Zennie62Media creates and distributes news about the world with Oakland at the center. Here at Oakland News Now, readers can learn what Oakland City Services are doing, what residents are thinking, who is running for which office and why, and more. All of this on a daily basis. We also recognize that many others use their smartphones to report news via video, but their great voices go unnoticed. Not at Zennie62Media’s Oakland News Now and the Zennie62Media Network.

Pete Buttigieg at the Essence Festival 2019
Pete Buttigieg at the Essence Festival 2019 (photo courtesy of ESSENCE)

We also have multiple blogger voices, not just one. A person applying for a position is encouraged to post their press release here, on their behalf – so it is that candidate’s voice, not Oakland News Now / Zennie62Media.

On that note, we thank the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign candidate, South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and his team for their publication, as well as U.S. Senator and Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris and her team for their publication on Oakland News Now. We also thank Loren Taylor, Oakland Board Member, for her video blogs on Zennie62.

We also thank Hawaii Congressman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard for her interview at the 2019 California State Democratic Convention: https://www.youtube.com/embed/YcEpErAzBV4

But, of course, Oakland News Now is by no means a “hyper-local” site. We cover all the news that we find interesting and / or relevant to our reader base. Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area are our home, but Oakland, America and the world, politics, news, sports and technology are our concern. It’s like a cross between The Drudge Report and The New York Times, yet more technically advanced than both.

Oakland News Now is a mix of yesterday’s media, when a local newspaper grabbed national and international headlines, then fueled traffic to local stories and today’s cutting-edge technology, with an innovative video for blog-to-news distribution network system.

Oakland News Now Editorial Policy

Zennie62Media, and Oakland News Now within it, is an independent, for-profit news organization. We generate revenue for our work through advertising, content distribution and marketing, reputation management, and sponsored content. We are open about who we have chosen to represent, and why. Our decisions about what to write and investigate, as well as our conclusions, are guided by our individual bloggers and vloggers. So, more often than not, you can see opposing views on the same topic.

Although Zennie62Media’s intention is to determine the truth, sometimes we will make mistakes. When we do, we strive to correct our mistakes quickly so that our readers can understand the real story. If you spot an error, please let us know by email.

Oakland News now. It’s time. Oakland News Now.

About Zennie62Media, Inc.

Zennie62Media is the CNN of the 21st century, merging technology and media for better, faster and more efficient delivery using smartphones and YouTube as the base of the network.

And what if you need a media organization that will tell your story through blogging, video blogging, and social media, and build plenty of online platforms on you in the process? What do you do if you need someone to be your watchdog to tell stories?

Call Zennie62Media.

Zennie62Media will fight for you, day and night. We compete with organizations like Hearst Media Services and Buzz Feed. And our exclusive content creation process gets results faster. Visit our website at Zennie62Media.net

Zennie62Media is everywhere, including San Diego Comic Con 9 times in a row, CES Las Vegas 9 times in a row (and it’s not over), the Democratic National Conventions of 2008 and 2012. Additionally, Zennie62Media has covered two presidential openings, the Oscars Night of 100 Stars from 2009 to 2017, Wonder Con, The NFL Draft and NFL Owners Meetings for 14 consecutive years, Twitter and Reddit launch parties, several TechCrunch Disrupt events, including 2010 where he recorded that famous Mark Zuckerberg interview on privacy, many other tech events, and has been on the White House press list since 2012. https://www.youtube.com/embed/LoWKGBloMsU

But, rather than finding a new way to advance blogging content technology, Zennie decided to settle down and start a standard news blog. Nothing fancy: no aggregation engine installed. Just a clean, modern look, and easily readable text and layout that form the basis of an innovative content delivery system. Welcome to Oakland News now.

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