Weekly bytes | Vibration from motorcycles can impact iPhone cameras, Galaxy Watch can help Parkinson’s patients, and more

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Vibration from motorcycles can impact iPhone cameras: Apple

Apple iPhones come with advanced camera systems, which include technologies such as Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Closed Loop Autofocus (AF), in some of the models. However, the performance of the camera system can degrade when exposed to high amplitude vibration in certain frequency ranges, especially those generated by high powered motorcycle engines, the company said on a support page. . The vibrations are transmitted by the chassis and the handlebars of the vehicle, therefore, Apple recommends that users do not attach their iPhones to these motorcycles. Additionally, users can attach an iPhone to vehicles with electric motors or small volume, which produce vibrations of comparatively lower amplitude, but the iPhone manufacturer suggests using a vibration damping bracket. to reduce the risk of damaging the iPhone and its OIS and AF systems. . It is also recommended that you avoid regular use of the iPhone for extended periods of time to further reduce the risk of damage, the company noted. This week, Apple also launched four new iPhones, a more durable watch, and an upgrade to the company’s best-selling iPad at the “California Streaming” virtual special event.

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Galaxy Watch May Help Parkinson’s Patients: Study

Orthostatic hypotension (OH), a form of low blood pressure (BP) caused by the absence of constriction of blood vessels, is common in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). It can increase the risk of falls in the elderly and may already have cardiovascular disease. Frequent BP measurement can help detect fluctuations critical for the diagnosis and management of PD. A research team from Samsung Medical Center has found that using the Galaxy Watch3, which is more portable and convenient than a conventional sphygmomanometer, allows patients with PD to measure their BP anywhere and anytime. , and easily follow any fluctuation in BP. The results of the test carried out on 56 patients, with an average age of 66.9 years, showed that the BP measured by both the Galaxy Watch and the sphygmomanometer was comparable. The study entitled “Validation of blood pressure measurement using a smart watch in patients with Parkinson’s disease” was published in the medical journal Frontiers in Neurology. Separately, in June, Samsung said it was testing expandable displays with heart rate sensors.

Blue Origin and SpaceX to help NASA’s Artemis program

NASA has selected five companies, including Blue Origin, Dynetics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and SpaceX to assist the agency with the Artemis program. These companies will make progress towards sustainable human landing system concepts, conduct risk reduction activities, and provide feedback on NASA requirements to develop industry capabilities for crewed lunar landing missions. , the space agency said in a statement. Much of what the agency is developing for the Moon will be applied to future exploration of Mars. The space agency has allocated a total of $ 146 million to these companies for work to be carried out over the next 15 months. One of the goals of NASA under Artemis is to enable a safe and cost-effective long-term approach to accessing the lunar surface. Artemis missions include landing the first woman and the first person of color on the lunar surface, sending a series of new scientific instruments and technology demonstrations to study the moon, and establishing a presence. long term there, according to NASA. In another update, SpaceX’s first private flight took off on Wednesday night with two competition winners, a healthcare worker and their wealthy sponsor, the most ambitious jump to date in space tourism.

Twitter relaunches the account verification process

Twitter has reopened its account verification process again after it “temporarily paused” in August to make improvements to the application and review process. “We are back to deploying access to request a blue badge. If you are considering applying and you don’t have access to it yet, keep checking your account settings, ”the tech company said in a tweet. The Twitter account verification process, relaunched in May after nearly three and a half years, was halted due to an overflow of requests days later. Subsequently, the process of obtaining the blue badge went through another cycle of reboot and pause, and now it’s open again. According to the microblogging platform, the blue badge is one of the ways to help people distinguish the authenticity of accounts of high public interest. Account holders must meet the criteria in one of the six categories specified by the social media company to be eligible for verification. In another development, a Russian court fined US social media giants Facebook and Twitter for failing to remove content Moscow deems illegal, as part of a wider crackdown on the internet and Big Tech.

Sennheiser launches TWS headphones with ANC

Sennheiser has launched the CX Plus True Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), expanding its True Wireless Stereo (TWS) portfolio. The headphones feature a TrueResponse transducer, an acoustic system that is supposed to deliver high-fidelity stereo sound with deep bass, natural mids, and crisp, detailed highs. In addition to the ANC, the CX Plus features transparent hearing, which allows users to listen to their surroundings without removing the headphones. In addition, each earbud is equipped with customizable touch controls and a pair of dual microphones that optimize speech for calls and access to the voice assistant. Smart Pause automatically pauses audio when headphones are removed and instantly resumes playback when replaced. The headphones also automatically turn on when removed from their charging case. The CX Plus True Wireless headphones rated IPX4 are available in black or white for $ 179.95 (approx. 13,250). Separately, we recently reviewed the Sennheiser XS Lav USB C microphone.

Windows 10 PC users can play console games remotely

Microsoft has updated its Xbox app, allowing Windows 10 PC users to play console games remotely on their PCs, either by streaming the games from the cloud or their home console. Players with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a compatible controller will be able to play games from the cloud on their Windows 10 PC using the Xbox app. Additionally, gamers with Xbox Series S, X, or One can play games on their Windows 10 PC over the internet through Xbox Remote Play on the Xbox app. This approach mirrors a user’s console gaming experience to another screen, allowing them to browse and play their entire catalog of games. “With these new updates, you can now play some of your favorite console titles on a wide range of PCs, even those that don’t have the specifications required for certain PC titles,” Xbox said in an article. blog. Users can download the Xbox app from the Windows Store to get started. This week, Microsoft also announced that the consumer version of Office 2021 will be available on October 5 as the company releases its next perpetual version of Office for business customers.

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