The Rybakov Foundation organized the first game for the development of the school community and won the Stevie Awards as Marketing Campaign of the Year

MOSCOW, August 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – At August 16, the results of the Stevie Awards, one of the world’s most prestigious awards for those who contribute to society, have been announced. In the category Marketing Campaign of the Year – Non-profit“, the creators of the competition Rybakov School Award “(RSA) was awarded the Bronze Stevie. This is the first educational competition in the form of a game: pupils and adults complete tasks to create community, improve the quality of school education and develop soft skills. The jury appreciated the game format of the competition, the work with different target audiences and the technical solutions. More than 15,000 people from 3,500 institutions in 29 countries took part in the competition.

Ekaterina Rybakova, Co-founder and President of the Rybakov Foundation

The jury evaluated the game format of the “competition without candidacy”. For the game, a design, attributes and a plot were developed. Participants collected crystals while completing tasks such as building a team, holding a charity auction, or finding sponsors. This format made it possible to involve more people and to create group collaborations of people who often find themselves at odds: parents and teachers, students and administration. The game emphasized the game process as a learning action, not a competition with results.

Experts also noted the involvement of completely different audiences – teachers and principals, schoolchildren and their parents, alumni and school partners. Each team had to have all of these roles. The competition’s communication strategy included campaigns for each target audience. For example, flash mobs have been launched for schoolchildren on TikTok and Instagram.

Technology is another feature of the competition, which has been appreciated. Entrants signed up to popular messengers and received chatbot tasks and crystals – over 10,000 posts with the contest hashtag were posted, participant videos on TikTok were viewed 4.2 million.

The Stevie Awards jury noted: “A great job providing access to quality education!

The Rybakov Foundation is a Russian hub of the global social movement EdHeroes, which aims to change the world through education. Now there is an opportunity for everyone to run contests like RSA in all parts of the world by joining the EdHeroes movement to improve the future of school education.

Ekaterina Rybakova, co-founder and president of the Rybakov Foundation: “It’s unexpected, but also logical that our educational project won the Stevie Awards as Marketing Campaign of the Year. Today, it is not enough to create useful projects, it is important to make them attractive, engaging and creative. And so that participation, in addition to being beneficial, brings joyful emotions, knowledge and development to everyone. I think this is a new trend in the nonprofit sector. And I am glad that the work of our team has been noted as a powerful manifestation of this trend. “

The Rybakov Foundation is a philanthropic organization created by Ekaterina and Igor Rybakov in 2015 to develop family education.

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