Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Start Mining Bitcoin for the Crypto Market

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is expected to start providing services to the crypto market.

Naija News understands that the American technology entrepreneur had complained last year in October about the difficulty for individuals to deal with bitcoin mining.

Reports made available on Thursday confirmed that Dorsey has decided to get into the bitcoin mining business through his payments startup, Block, as the company plans to make mining more accessible to those interested.

The tech expert had observed that access to bitcoin mining was limited, and as a result, individuals lacked the incentive to overcome the complexity.

Naija News understands that Dorsey’s payment company, Square, will now provide the mining essentials for bitcoin miners.

general manager of Block for hardware, Thomas Templeton revealed this yesterday in a series of tweets on the microblogging platform.

He explained that Block will now provide solutions to the complexity of buying, setting up, maintaining and mining.

Block is ready to build the ASIC miner, the hardware used to mine digital currency, as Templeton said the current system in use is beleaguered by various issues.

Templeton’s confirmation on Twitter read: “Common issues we’ve heard with current systems relate to heat dissipation and dust. They also become non-functional almost every day, requiring a time-consuming reboot. We want to build something that works. »

“They are also very loud, which makes them too loud for home use,” the chief executive of the payments startup said three months after Dorsey said, “Mining needs to be more distributed to increase access.”

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